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Fans Petition AT&T For Justice League Zack Snyder Cut

Thompson June 18, 2018 June 18th, 2018

Okay, so I don’t understanding something important about the Zack Snyder fans clamoring for Warner Bros. to release a version of Justice League shot entirely by their favorite polarizing director. Why on Earth are all of these intellectual giants sitting around watching Batman movies — and not even the good Batman movies, evidently — when they could be out fighting crime and solving society’s problems themselves? Why watch Batman when you could be Batman?

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Over the weekend, AT&T finalized its purchase of Time Warner, meaning the telecommunications conglomerate now owns a big pile of entertainment titans including HBO, Adult Swim, and most pertinently, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., which itself owns DC Entertainment. Gizmodo notices that already overworked AT&T customer services reps were suddenly hounded by baffling demands to release a version of WBers’ 2017 box office disappointment Justice League composed entirely of footage shot before  Snyder prematurely left the project following a personal tragedy. Generic, non-specific, possibly-automated responses ensued.

It’s not just that one guy, either. If you click through to the Twitter thread, there’s a whoooole bunch of insanely smart young men who agree that AT&T should bring Zack Snyder’s pure vision of Justice League into the world.

Now a person of normal intellect might say something like, “Customer service reps at a phone company have no power over, or influence on, or possibly even knowledge of their company’s corporate subsidiaries.” They might even ask questions like, “Would Warner Bros. really want to pump a ton of resources into essentially re-releasing a film they already lost money on?” or “Isn’t Zack Snyder kinda bad at doing movies? Wouldn’t his version of the movie be worse than what’s already out there?”

But Zack Snyder fans — the smartest people on the planet — understand that the only way to get something done in this world is to ask someone with no ability or desire whatsoever to do it for you, and when they eventually start ignoring your repeated requests, make a video of yourself screaming and post it on YouTube.

This is exactly what Batman would do, so why aren’t Zack Snyder fans doing other stuff Batman would do? Like, how does evil and suffering still continue to exist in the same world with these people in it? That’s the million dollar question, I think.

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