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Tommy Wiseau Really Wants To Play The Joker?

Thompson March 7, 2018 March 7th, 2018

Months ago when news leaked that Warner Bros. are working on a Joker standalone movie, ample speculation circulated regarding which Hollywood hotshot actor would lock down the coveted role. Then we found out it’s probably going to be Joaquin Phoenix, which  made everyone more-or-less happy.

What we still don’t know: Did the WBers/DC higher-ups ever consider the indispensable actor/writer/director/underwear salesman Tommy Wiseau for the gig? Sure, we can assume that they would never, eeeeever put the beloved human punchline behind the paint of one of their most important IPs in a trillion years. But we’d still just be assuming, right?

Meanwhile, never one to let reality limit his creative ambitions, Wiseau put a lot of conflicted thought into whether he’d make a good Clown Prince of Crime.

“I can’t play The Joker,” The Room’s enigmatic star told Comic Book Dot Com earlier this month. “I don’t want to say negative about actors, but I go by emotion. Meaning that my background as stage actor, getting into the emotion, what you can feel through The Room as well, all the progress for what I did. Sometimes they don’t let me, they say, ‘Too much emotion.'”

Later in the same interview, Wiseau changed his mind, noting “Definitely, I could play Joker.”

But Wiseau doesn’t really have to bother with stunt campaigns at this point in his career. His much anticipated reunion with Greg Sestero Best F(r)iends hits theaters soon, and he’s got yet another project on deck that looks genuinely pretty rad, according to what we’ve read on SyFy.

In Scary Love, Wiseau plays a bounty hunter in an obviously Blade Runner-ish futuristic urban wasteland. He’s obsessed with his waitress ex who wants nothing to do with him, and if the title’s any indicator, the story might handle stalking with more earnestness than Hollywood generally tends to. Wiseau’s trademark “You’re Tearing Me Apart Lisa”-style histrionics might not seem so funny anymore in a context where his character is explicitly depicted as a physical danger to the Lisa proxy.

Cripes, what if this is Wiseau’s way of addressing the misogyny in The Room without going way, way off-brand and exposing himself as less of a goofball than he wants us all to believe he is?

It can’t hurt that he didn’t put himself in charge of this one. Director Jennifer Juniper Stratford’s other credits include jams with Hunx and His Punx, Beach House, and Kathleen Hanna. So even though Wiseau’s Joker thing isn’t happening, at least Scary Love is in good hands.

via SyFy and Comic Book

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