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What If DMT Trips Could Last For Five Hours?

Thompson September 7, 2017 September 20th, 2017

Depending on your prerogatives, the minimal amount of time it takes a hit of DMT to work its way through your system can be a plus or a minus.

The organic chemical known in an official capacity as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine can summon up a psychotropic experience that makes a typical mushroom or LSD adventure feel mundane by comparison. So if an individual happens to seriously enjoy warping their own reality, sure, it’s a drag when a DMT trip ends a few minutes after it started. Other people prefer a quick, tidy drug experience that doesn’t leave them too hungover to function the next day. But to each their own, right?

Luckily for anyone frustrated with the abbreviated duration of DMT episodes, this is America, where we constantly feel the need to create bigger and heavier versions of everything we like. Over the summer, The Rooster reported that an emerging nonprofit and a handful of other organizations intend to forge humanity’s first DMT machine to stretch formerly brief waking dreams out for hours. Basically it would work like an IV drip, and require monitoring by medical professionals ‘cos holy jeez do you ever not want to trip on DMT for five hours without a babysitter.

Egon Arenberg spearheaded Noonautics, a nonprofit devoted to what its website describes as “technologies that enable higher states of consciousness.” The Rooster notes that Arenberg works in web marketing; he’s not a scientist or a doctor of any stripe. But once his DMT experiences can go the extra few miles, he expects that he’ll be able to establish lasting communication with the sentient beings he thinks he encounters while tripping.

“This is like NASA,” Arenberg tells The Rooster. “This is a launch pad to find new kinds of life. This is the new frontier.”

It is noteworthy that the Noonautics website directs visitors to the seemingly more legitimate DMTx Project, which links to a cannabis education initiative called Medicinal Mindfulness. Neither organization appears to advocate getting really, really high in order to talk to space aliens.

Maybe Arenberg comes off like a crazy person in The Rooster article, but at least he indirectly makes a case for an emphasis on physical and mental safety when mind-altering drugs are concerned. If this machine ever gets completed and you absolutely must trip on DMT for five hours, you definitely don’t want your experience overseen by somebody who believes your conversations with inter-dimensional goblins are actually happening and that the real world is a Philip K. Dick novel.

via The Rooster

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