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Watch ‘Star Wars’ Featuring Tommy Wiseau From ‘The Room’

Wyatt December 7, 2017 December 7th, 2017

Pistol Shrimpsan awesome YouTube Comedy channel, recently did something magical.

They combined classic scenes from Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau scenes from “The Room” and the results are brilliantly hilarious. The actual editing is incredibly skilled as well, with color and lighting always matching, it almost feels like Tommy Wiseau walked onto set while they were shooting and just started throwing out absurdities.

With so many vague-but-hilarious Wiseau bits to work with, you can almost take any scene, add a “that’s bullshit!” and make it hysterical. But the level to which Pistol Shrimps takes this joke, it actually as impressive as it is funny.

Plus it’s impossible not to laugh at Wiseau looking at old-man Luke and saying..

“Oh, Hi Mark.”

Be sure to check out Pistol Shrimps’ channel by clicking here.

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