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WATCH: The Season Premiere Of, Uh, ‘Reek and Mordi’

Thompson April 2, 2018 April 2nd, 2018

Adult Swim manages to always make the best of April Fools Day. Last year, they famously premiered Rick and Morty’s third season starting point “The Rickshank Redemption.” Last night, they surprised audiences with the first installment of FLCL: Alternative, and also brought back Rick and Morty…in spirit.

Less in spirit and more literally, the world was introduced to Bushworld Adventures by Michael Cusack, in which mad scientist “Reek” semi-kidnaps his grandson “Mordi” at gunpoint, and the pair embark on a coming-of-age tale of a lifetime. Basically it’s a Rick and Morty fan episode with Australian accents, in a version of the show where instead of a portal gun for the purposes of sci-fi/fantasy high jinks, Reek wields a regular gun for the purposes of shooting people in their heads.

Considering how Rick and Morty remains in limbo amid contract negotiations with the creators, a conspiratorial thinker might presume Bushworld Adventures is Turner Broadcasting’s way of showing Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland that they’re not so essential after all….

But that would be silly.

Even if the references to an already popular and successful cartoon were subtracted and replaced with original characters and dialogue, Bushworld Adventures would make for a rigorously entertaining 11 minutes.  Here’s hoping it leads Cusack to getting more gigs, and uh, maybe inspires him to do cartoons that include more than one joke.

(‘Cos this Damo and Darren bit only has one joke. It should have more than that! At least three, I think.)

via The A.V. Club

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