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[Watch] A New Dragonball Series Is In The Works (And A Movie On The Way)

Harrison Giza May 21, 2018 May 21st, 2018

The Dragon Ball franchise is like a super powered cockroach. No matter how many bombs, bullets, or kamehameha waves you use to try and destroy it, the nearly forty-year old saga refuses to lower it’s true power levels.

And why should it?

After stirring heavy interest from fresh-faced kids to middle-aged fanboys alike, Toei Animation has announced that it will not only release a new Dragon Ball Super film this winter, but has also commissioned a new full-fledged series entitled Dragon Ball Heroes. That’s right. Double the Dragon Ball!

The new anime is based off of a DBZ arcade game, Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The series will also be a short one with an undetermined episode count. It will also be released as a “PR piece” to help promote a new DB video game dropping this year in Japan.

The premiere for the limited series will showcase its first episode later this summer, live on July 1 at an official event in Ion Lake Town, Japan. No word yet on how many episodes.

How do you feel about all this hoopla? Has the sanctity of DBZ been tainted or could this be the start of something great? Let us know in the comments below!