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[watch] John Carpenter Gets The GTA Treatment In A Fan-Made Trailer For ‘The Thing’

Thompson July 11, 2018 July 11th, 2018

At the risk of sounding like a bitter old man, I gotta say, I miss the days when YouTube felt like a platform for creative people. We forget that before it got taken over by wanna-be cable news pundits and failed actors aiming to become the next Tomi Lahren or Logan Paul, the site used to be a haven for unknown filmmakers and animators making authentically weird art.

Granted, it’s not like weird art on the internet’s gone away, but it’s getting rarer (as in, harder to monetize) on the internet’s premiere streaming platform. That’s why the game/movie trailer mashups on user gigerbrick are making this particular morning at the old folks’ home bearable for this ancient, decrepit soul.

Here’s his latest, recently shared by Bloody Disgusting

It’s not an exact replica of the original trailer by any means, but as you can see, the mashup certainly captures the tone of Carpenter’s follow up to Escape From New York. Gigerbrick’s done similar videos for 1985’s Wheels of Fire and 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects, and several others. Dude also did a Lego version of the Machete trailer I may or may not remember to watch later….

As the line between films and video games continues to blur, digital archaeologists of the future will surely have difficulty determining the distinctions between what we in modern times consider games and what we consider movies. But that’s their fucking problem. As mentioned above, I am old, and will be long dead before anybody’s trying to figure out how much money Frogger pulled down at the box office in 1981, or why The Room gets such a bad rap when it’s actually a pretty fun game.

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