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Watch India’s Strange Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’

Selin Kilic September 26, 2016 September 27th, 2016

If you know a bit about international cinema, you’re aware that the biggest producer of films in the world isn’t Hollywood, it’s Bollywood. For a film industry that produces 1,000 films annually, it’s hard not to find a few thinly disguised ripoffs.

Take example A, when ZEE TV adapted Stephen King’s IT, and in a true Bollywood variation of a classic, the results are quite bizarre.

We’re all familiar with the iconic ‘hiya’ sewer scene when Pennywise lures Georgie to his death, well take a look at “Woh’s” version with Rohit in the swimming pool:

Similar to the 1990 original, the Indian version “Woh” was not made as a full movie. Although rather than have a two-part miniseries, “Woh” comes as a 52-episode TV series. And we know you want to bask in it’s strange, offbeat glory so we’ve found the list of collected episodes on YouTube for you.

And seriously, check out this intro:

So even though the plot line is clearly the same (Seven teens battle an evil clown who has been kidnapping children around their town), the story had to be significantly altered to fit the length as well as cultural and language differentiations. Still, many scenes clearly mirror the original, resulting in a fun watch for fans of the original. The only down side: there are no English subtitles.

There are plenty of other great films we wouldn’t mind seeing an odd remake for, so, take ya pick, buh-a-buh-a-buh…BILLY BOY!

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