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[VIDEO] Every Single Product Michael Bay Has Ever Placed

Wyatt June 27, 2017 July 5th, 2017

Michael Bay used to make commercials.

Now Michael Bay makes commercial films…containing commercials.

The loudest, biggest, most explosion filled movie of the year, almost always comes from the man who made Bad Boys. Now on his 5th Transformers movie (it’s been 10 years of giant robot sequels, that almost makes it a film movement) he has never been shy to pull back his pride and make some green.

Whether its a Budweiser factory spilling into the streets (he must really love Bud Lite…though it’s probably vice versa) or the main character driving next year’s Cadillac, you can find some seriously obvious product placement in just about everything Michael Bay has ever made.

And now, we can see them all together…if you want.

The wonderful folks at Screen Crush have made a mashup video featuring every single product placement in every Bay film ever. And there’s A LOT.

So sit back, relax, and watch damn commercials.