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Trent Reznor Loves ‘This Is America’ So Where’s Our NIN/Childish Gambino Collaboration?

Thompson May 7, 2018 May 7th, 2018

Well, if you were anywhere near a television or a social media feed over the weekend, you already know Donald Glover had a productive Saturday.

The writer/director oft-recognized for his work on Community, Atlanta, the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, plus that Deadpool cartoon we’ll probably never see upstaged his own Saturday Night Live hosting gig by releasing a music video he probably knew would freak a lot of people out.

The “This Is America” clip dials the Lynchian surreality Glover’s deployed in Atlanta up to 11, thereby adding a tinge of brutal weirdness to the catchy AF soul-pop he’s mastered under his Childish Gambino alias.

Naturally, “This Is America” attracted more than its fair share of eyeballs. But at least two of those eyeballs belong to everybody’s favorite Gen X musical icon, Trent Reznor.

We gotta say, when so many of his contemporaries have basically turned into millionaire versions of everybody’s crazy uncle whining like stupid babies about newfangled modern gadgets and whathaveyou, it’s kinda nice to see Reznor embracing the contemporary pop culture. But now that we know the Nine Inch Nails mastermind is a certified Childish Gambino fan, and we assume Donald Glover is a Nine Inch Nails fan (because everybody is, amirite?), does this mean there’s gonna be a Nine Inch Nails/Childish Gambino hybrid song or songs somewhere down the line?

As far as anyone knows right now, the answer to that question is “No.” Nobody’s said anything to remotely indicate this could happen. But it’s still fun to think about! Plus, we know Glover wields some kinda supernatural ability to be nine places at once in order to work on 12 projects simultaneously, so time constraints don’t really apply to Glover the same way they would another artist.

Doubtlessly, some YouTube mashup artist is currently putting together a “Bonfire”/”Closer” smoosh track, but they haven’t posted it yet. So for now, we’re stuck playing “This is America” next to How Destroy Angels and imagining what might (but probably won’t) come to fruition.