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This Genre-Bending Japanese Band Is What You Need to Start 2017

Wyatt January 6, 2017 January 6th, 2017

The end of 2016 saw a ton of great albums drop – I think most of us are still soaking in that early release of Run The Jewels 3 –  but a new year doesn’t just mean new albums, it means finding new artists. It’s time to open your mind back up to what’s already out there.

It’s time to refresh those playlists with some entirely new sounds.

Shines Kamattechan is a Japanese rock band out of Chiba, originally formed in 2007, and changing what it means to define music by genre. A band can be described by sound, or by instruments, or even by feeling. But Shines is different, it’s constant morphing sound first hits your ears like a wall of noise, but then begins to shift and develop and rebirth itself. You can hear echoes of a pop melody rise from the mix and then die out just as fast, replaced by the digital screams of it’s front man, Noko.

They are known for their insane live shows like the one above, and also for broadcasting their activity on various live-streaming site in Japan. Noko is particularly well-known for his often strange broadcasting methods.

They started to blow up via these online videos (which is actually relatively rare in Japan) and eventually signed a deal with Warner Music Japan. Though they get a ton of media coverage in their home country, Noko is notorious for (in true underground fashion) rarely-if-ever appearing for interviews.

They are a band with strange and sometimes confusing roots, but they stick to em, refusing to part with the wild sounds and changing styles that warmed our ears and mashed our brains in the first place.

Just as relentlessly cool as they are weird, 2017 needs Shines Kamattechan. 

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