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Things Aren’t Looking Good For The Fourth Season Of ‘Rick and Morty’

Thompson January 5, 2018 January 5th, 2018

Numerous reports indicate that those of us expecting new Rick and Morty episodes before 2019 are setting themselves up for disappointment, and need a reminder that cartoons take a while to produce; especially this one!

Adult Swim reps told Variety that they’ve got “no timing to share on premiere or status of production” on the next collection of Rick and Morty jams. Technically, the network hasn’t officially renewed the show for another season yet. But “The Rickchurian Mortydate” broke Adult Swim’s ratings record and, according to Variety’s metrics, Rick and Morty is television’s #1 comedy show.

So not only is Rick and Morty in no real danger of cancellation whatsoever, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland pretty much have the House-That-Space-Ghost-Built by the balls. In fact, if Roiland wanted Turner executives to lick his balls…well, unless the execs stopped liking money, they’d have a professional obligation to lick Justin Roiland’s balls to the best of their abilities.

Meanwhile, even longtime Harmon collaborator Ryan Ridley admitted on a podcast that his bosses “really take their time” penning the animated sci-fi phenomenon, and he wishes they’d “get their shit together.”

The final episode of season two hit the airwaves in October of 2015, and season three didn’t drop until July of 2017. In fairness, fans have a right to get a little persnickety about the prospect of waiting even longer for season four.  But Dan Harmon certainly doesn’t owe Rick and Morty’s audience an apology or explanation. We’re not the same as a rightfully pissed off Community staff writer. Our well-being and prosperity is in no way damaged if we have to hang tight for a bit before we see any fresh Rick and Mortys.

In fact, we can spend the downtime doing something else with our lives! We can focus on those New Year’s resolutions, for instance! Wouldn’t it be super keen if by the time Rick and Morty season four premieres, we’ve all got six-pack abs from sticking with our CrossFit and gluten-free diet regimens?

Then, Rick and Morty fandom won’t just be known as one of the most toxic fandoms…We’ll also be one of the sexiest.

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