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The First TITANS Trailer Says FU To Batman and Also Mom And Dad

Katie Cannon July 20, 2018 July 20th, 2018

Hey-o, it’s another #darkandedgy reboot, and by default, another onslaught of people getting #darkandedgy about it all over Twitter.

DC is launching the new DC Universe streaming service with TITANS, a live-action adaptation centering on the young superheroes best known for the iconic early aughts animated series Teen Titans. 

But with the premiere of the first trailer, it’s pretty clear that this storyline will bear little resemblance to its beloved predecessor–and none at all to Teen Titans GO, another recent comedy reboot of the story.

For one thing, Robin drops the F-bomb, for ultimate teen angst (minus the teen, since in this version he’s already a grown-ass man working as a detective and also killing people).

The trailer’s been divisive, to say the least. Some are fed up with the angst.

While others are living for the edge.

Some are amped about the character looks.

While others find a lot to be desired.

Some claim the writing is totally off.

While others say the show’s choices line up with canon.


What do you think?


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