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The Szechuan Riots: Rick and Morty Fans Lose Their Cool On McDonalds

Wyatt October 9, 2017 October 9th, 2017

The behavior of Rick And Morty‘s fan base has been a hot topic lately. Watching the show can apparently make people act like assholes, an their antics have grown to the point where it’s giving the show itself a bad name.

But over the weekend the situation got escalated from dickish, to outright insane.

After McDonalds announced that they were bringing back Szechuan sauce for one day only, fans prepared their best t-shirts and got in line all over the country to get their hands on [literally bbq sauce mixed with sweet and sour.] But the fast-food entity clearly underestimated the amount of excitement they had stirred, and not only ran out of the sauce way too early, but also failed to deliver their promise completely at some locations.

The response was not good. Thousands of fans took to social-media to skewer the restaurant, while many others took out their frustrations in real life. Screaming at employees, storming stores, and even causing a small riot. The whole situation got way, way out of control.

The video below shows fans overrunning a store in L.A. which ended with the police shutting the whole thing down:

McDonalds released a statement apologizing on Sunday, which promised that the sauce would return in full-form this winter.

But in all honesty they screwed up, and the apology barely covers that. How did they not see this coming? Every major publication has been reporting on the mind-blowing size and dedication of Rick and Morty’s fan base, so the fact that there were long lines on Saturday is hardly a surprise.

All that being said, the real losers of this weekend were the employees. Minimum-wage workers all over the country took some seriously unnecessary abuse. And all because of a single joke, of a single episode, of a cartoon that aires in the middle of the night.