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The Story Of ‘Alien’ Is Being Retold…From The Cat’s Perspective

Thompson May 8, 2018 May 8th, 2018

Now, I’m not suggesting Alien isn’t a great, possibly even important, film. It set the tone for scores of sci-fi/horror movies released in the subsequent decades. It introduced American audiences to Ridley Scott and made Sigourney Weaver a star. The Xenomorph aliens are among the most widely-recognized fictional monsters in all of popular culture.

That said, somebody made the decision to not center the story around Jonesy, the orange cat placed aboard the doomed Nostromo to keep the vessel’s space mice population in check. For this reason, 1979’s Alien is ultimately a worthless failure, as are all films that pass on an opportunity to become as cat-centric as possible.

Bloody Disgusting reports that intrepid author Rory Lucey has corrected Ridley Scott’s horrible mistake with the upcoming illustrated book Jonesy: Nine Lives On The Nostromo. Slated for release in October via Titan Books, Nine Lives explains what Jonesy was thinking and feeling that whole time a massive insectoid beast was massacring the humans on the ship Jonesy was, let’s not forget, charged to protect. Did he feel distressed? Did he wonder who would dispense his delicious cat treats if all the humans were dead? Both of those? Well…I mean, of course, it was both.


I’m having trouble determining if this is a children’s book or a half-ironically cute read for adults. Amazon describes it as “the perfect gift for all Alien fans (and cat lovers)” so eh, maybe it’s not for kids despite the adorable cover illustration. Or maybe it is? Dunno. I guess somebody’ll have to read the thing in October, and then we’ll know where it stands in terms of gory depictions of pesky humans getting mutilated.

Meanwhile, oddly enough, there is no similar project planned to chronicle Friday The 13th Part 2 from Muffin’s perspective. At least, as far as we know.

via Bloody Disgusting

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