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Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash

Jenny (Rachael Robbins) a freshman at Community College University earns her tuition by working at Miss Johnso...

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Bikini Bloodbath Christma...

Jenny and Sharon are stalked by a killer chef ... again? This time ... It's Christmas.

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Bikini Bloodbath

Seven gorgeous girls + slumber party + slaughter = SEXY!

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Bride and the Beast

When Laura and Dan get married, she's more interested in Dan's gorilla. It's revealed through hypnosis that sh...

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Cartoon Wars

A 12 part docu-series hosted by Dr. Thomas R. Reich, exploring the history of the early cartoon studios.

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Portraits of Terror

Edward D. Wood Jr.'s ambitious television pilot has been lost for 55 years. Final Curtain weaves a tale of a w...

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Love Me Tinder

Two young journalists are on a quest to find the perfect partner - which might not be the easiest thing to do ...

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The Witch Chronicles

Azar and his possessed wife must find souls to feed the generational curse within.

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A chance encounter between two lost souls turns to violence when they become entwined in a twisted form of the...

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Hitler's Children

This lurid exposé of the Hitler Youth follows the woes of an American girl declared legally German by the Nazi...

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Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautif...

Everyone's favorite alien magic girl, Lum Invader, and her usual gang face their biggest adventure yet - they ...

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Blood, sex, and sandwiches. Shit goes down during Ping's first night shift at a convenience store--including, ...

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Laura's Toys

Director Joe Sarno's erotica drama stars Mary Mendum and Eric Edwards as a married couple who find themselves ...

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Apollo 16

After 25 years the untold human side of the Apollo 16 moon mission is now told with interviews with all three ...

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The Body Tree

When a group of Americans travel to Russian Siberia to honor the memory of their murdered friend, they uncover...

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The Jurassic Dead

Soldiers and tech-student geeks in the desert, after a radiation attack on the U.S., fight an engineered T-Rex...

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Day of The Stranger

Saddle up for the ultra-violent, satanic, and psychedelic weird-west as Day of the Stranger is unlike any othe...

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Lake Alice

The Thomas family goes out to their cabin in the woods to celebrate Christimas together with their daughter an...

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Jurassic Thunder

When a covert desert base is forced to divert World War III against a formidable adversary, a group of command...

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The Orange Man

Legend tells of a disgruntled orange salesman who snapped one day and murdered a family. Twenty years later, a...