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Cock and Bull

When a small-town mechanic is made a patsy for a murder he didn't commit, his quest to prove himself innocent ...

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Bloody Birthday

In this thriller feature film, the story evolves around the three children, who are at the height of an eclips...

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Loser Hero

A down-and-out loser goes from zero to hero after getting superhero powers in this fantasy tale.

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The Phantom Lover

This Chinese spin on the Phantom of the Opera tells the story of a bankrupt theater troupe who takes up in a h...

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Go Back

When a little girl is kidnapped with a strange ransom demand that makes national news, an ambitious young poli...

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A Special Lady

Dangerous "family" dynamics reign in this gangland thriller in which a woman fights to keep her spot as second...

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After getting into big trouble, Choi Ji-hoon is transferred to Daehoon High, the worst school in Korea. Ji-hoo...

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Happy Erotic Christmas

An ambitious rookie cop and the local gangster boss are both in love with a beautiful bowling alley girl born ...

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The Age of Blood

His duty is to protect the king, at any cost. They want a revolution. Blood will be spilt.

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Foul King

By day, he's kind of a crappy banker. By night, he's the infamously nasty pro-wrestling villain: The Foul King...

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Horror Stories 3

Set in the past, present, and distant future, each short film in this horror omnibus film delivers bone-chilli...

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Han Gong-Ju (Princess)

Inspired by an infamous high school crime, HAN GONG-JU follows a banished teenager, whose cold personality hid...