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Basement Jack

Karen was your average high school student... until the night evil invaded her life. She would soon be known a...

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After being infected with a mysterious, experimental parasite, two lost, lonely people begin hearing the same ...

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All the Devil's Aliens

On the first night of a new job, Michael sees shadows prowling the halls. Things quickly escalate to a maelstr...

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Death Warmed Up

Michael Tucker (Michael Hurst) seeks revenge from a high-tech brain surgeon and his army of killer mutants.

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Grave Of The Vampire

The son (William Smith) of an old and powerful vampire (Michael Pataki) seeks his father out and finds him tea...

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A boy tormented by bullies returns 10 years later as a twisted adult (G. Michael Smith) bent on revenge.

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West of Hell

A gunslinger, a vengeful ex-slave, and a runaway board a midnight train to Atlanta. They discover that the tra...

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Dead Kids

Dead Kids is a movie about a scientist, who is experimenting with teenagers. His experiment is to turn teenage...

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7 Sins

7 deadly sins, 7 stories of pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth from 8 directors to punish t...

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After his family is murdered, and he's left for dead, a farmer awakens in the desert and finds himself transfo...

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Der Todesking

Seven episodes, each taking place on a different day of the week, on the theme of suicide and violent death.

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You Can't Hide What's Inside - A moody, atmospheric horror in the Hammer tradition, Exhumed is the tale of a t...

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The Suckling

An aborted fetus dumped in a sewer full of toxic sludge returns in this early 90s VHS fave.

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Dr. Anansa Linderby (Beverly Johnson) is kidnapped in a medical mission in Africa by a slave trader. From this...

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Turkey Shoot

Deviants are held at a rehabilitation fortress until they're set into a deadly game of survival, in the hopes ...

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Mark of the Devil

A witchfinder general's (Herbert Lom) use of torture disgusts his helper (Olivera Vuco) in 18th-century Austri...

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Wicked City (Dub)

A secret police force known as the Black Guard protects the boundary between the human world and the demon wor...

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Robot Ninja

A scientist helps a comic-book artist to become the superhero he has created in order to battle a vicious gang...

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Living Dolls

Living Dolls is a surprising, humorous and engaging documentary that opens the door to a fascinating array of ...

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Blue Submarine No. 6 (Dub...

In a future where Earth is all but entirely underwater, the mad scientist responsible the submersion plans to ...