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Six priests sent to a country estate to perform an exorcism begin to uncover demons of their own, as well as t...

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Obsessed with the promises of supernatural pleasure, tattoo artist Gregorio entangles two young women, Dri and...

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Virtually a Virgin

After being forced into sex work, Boroka fights against highly antagonizing forces to regain her life.

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Vice Academy 4

The wicked nymphomaniac, Malathion, has broken out of prison again and is on the rampage. The vice girls must ...

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Project A-ko (Dubbed)

Superhuman high schooler, A-ko, must set aside her rivalry with her genius classmate, B-ko, to save earth from...

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The Man with Two Heads

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, Andy Milligan style.

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A psycho tanning salon owner is responsible for many missing girls, while his wife, a purse designer, has an e...

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Two thieves rob a large fancy house when the owner is away. But when a visitor mistakes them for the owner, an...