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Sin in the Suburbs

After discovering her mother is having an affair, a teenager joins an underground sex club.

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Mondo Freudo

A "hidden camera" takes the viewer on a worldwide tour of sexual practices and rituals, including Tijuana stri...

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Mary finds herself fighting to stay alive when a group of murderous street performers, The Crows, decide to ma...

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An archaeological expedition to a mysterious planet turns into a nightmare for a space exploration team.

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A mad scientist spawns a trio of horrible monsters while attempting a revolutionary brain transplant.

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Attraction (Nerosubianco)

Originally released as nEROSubianco, Tinto Brass directs this provocative black comedy that probes sexual free...

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The Devil's Honey

A young woman abducts and subjects a doctor to various sexual torture acts whom she holds responsible for the ...

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Vampire Ecstasy

When a trio of beautiful young women journey to their ancestral home to claim an inheritance, they fall prey t...

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Battle of Demons

In a town full of demons, handsome demons kidnap young women on their 16th birthdays to become their eternal b...

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Orphaned at a young age, Max discovers that he has the ability to possess people and explore their minds. When...

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A young man (Mark Schneider) with a custom van leaves home, saves a young woman (Katie Saylor) from a gang and...

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Do Me Love

A married man in his fifties who has lost all interest in his wife suddenly meets Juliette, a young woman. She...

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Suddenly in Dark Night

Seduction, dark magic, and psychological horror fuel this Korean cult classic, in which a woman suspects her h...

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Because of the actions of her irresponsible parents, a young girl is left alone on a decrepit country estate a...

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Young Felicity lives in a monastic school. The only way to live out her sexual fantasies is together with her ...

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Moribito: Guardian of the...

In this fantasy adventure based on a beloved anime, a wandering woman warrior reluctantly becomes the bodyguar...

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Apollo 16

After 25 years the untold human side of the Apollo 16 moon mission is now told with interviews with all three ...

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Go Back

When a little girl is kidnapped with a strange ransom demand that makes national news, an ambitious young poli...

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The Maidroid

A sexy and funny South Korean pink film about Sang-soo, an overworked and undersexed young man who comes home ...

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Girls & Sex 2.0

Young women, sociologists, and sexologists discuss what standards a woman is supposed to meet in the face of p...