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Mr. Six

For decades, respected kingpin Mr. Six has ruled the streets of Beijing--but when his son starts a feud with t...

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Blood and High Heels

In this cutting satire about workplace sexual harassment, a woman takes revenge against the unwanted advances ...

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Virtually a Virgin

After being forced into sex work, Boroka fights against highly antagonizing forces to regain her life.

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The Perfect Murderer

A detective battles depression to find his daughter's killer in this crime drama. However, when he finds the s...

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Fate of Lee Khan

King Hu's martial-arts masterpiece features incredible stunts and female-driven fight scenes as a rebel gang f...

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Four kids wake up one morning in a mysterious abandoned field. As darkness covers the sky with no hope of ligh...

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A serial killer stalks the streets of 1960s Hungary in this psychological thriller based on true events. In th...

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In this time-travel thriller, Adam has the opportunity to reverse his girlfriend's tragic death - but at what ...

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Drifters' Road

A group of drifters from all walks of life collide in this dark crime comedy. A young man's voyage to find his...

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Liza: The Fox-Fairy

In this offbeat dark comedy, Liza is a spinsterly caretaker who finds her only friend in the ghost of a Japane...

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Camembert Rose

19 year old Dani visits his wild uncle and lets loose on a raunchy adventure of beautiful babes, sexy shenanig...

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Sandor Blaskovich is killed by his former friend.. Von Oettingen takes over the Blaskovich castle with his you...