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Danger God

The dangerous, colorful life of professional stuntman Gary Kent, who has spent over 50 years performing in som...

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Day of The Stranger

Saddle up for the ultra-violent, satanic, and psychedelic weird-west as Day of the Stranger is unlike any othe...

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Gang Busters

Detective Lieutenant Bill Bannister is assigned to run down an unknown gang of terrorists who have spread a ne...

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Hitler's Children

This lurid exposé of the Hitler Youth follows the woes of an American girl declared legally German by the Nazi...

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Strike Me Deadly

A forest ranger witnesses a murder. He and his wife are captured by the killer and held captive in a remote ca...

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Death Warmed Up

Michael Tucker (Michael Hurst) seeks revenge from a high-tech brain surgeon and his army of killer mutants.

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Axe Giant

Young adults at a first-time offenders' boot camp discover the legend of the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan is r...

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Wake in Fright

Directed by Ted Kotcheff (Rambo: First Blood, North Dallas Forty), the film tells the story of a British schoo...

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Bad Day To Go Fishing

A flamboyant impresario and an ageing ex-wrestling champion arrive in a small town, offering a hefty award to ...