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Is Rick Sanchez A Hottie? The Internet Says, ‘Surprisingly, Yeah!’

Thompson November 10, 2017 November 10th, 2017

Rick & Morty fandom mostly looked like assholes this year.  Some of its members made absurd, pompous goofballs of themselves on the internet. Others made life needlessly difficult for baffled McDonald’s employees. And a few seriously rotten apples attacked the infrastructure of Rick and Morty itself.

But as we all well know, not everyone who enjoys Adult Swim’s nihilistic sci-fi comedy is some sort of malicious ne’er-do-well. Some Rick & Morty fans just really want to fuck Rick.

Inverse has the scoop on the self-proclaimed “Sanchez Babes,” a loose-knit group of adventurous minds who’ve taken to the internet to celebrate their attraction to the burping, blue-haired mad genius.

“I like the snarky, brusque, intelligent, non-conventionally attractive characters,” fanfic writer and Tumblr user outricking explains to Inverse. “With Rick, I specifically like his wrinkly old man butt, his enthusiasm when he’s happy, and I think his bald spot is cute.”

The “Sanchez Babes” circle of kinky fanfic and art forbids politics, incest, and anything approaching pedophilia, so their wares don’t include any other members of the Rick & Morty main cast in a manner that has, um, uncomfortable implications. Instead, Sanchez Babes author scenarios that generally depict fictionalized versions of themselves in an encounter with Rick, or simply Rick getting raunchy with a different Rick. (After all, if there’re infinite Ricks from infinite universes, it follows that at least a handful of those Ricks like to bang each other.)

The original article cites sapiosexuality and, to put it colloquially, “having a thing” for older dudes to explain away this seemingly unlikely, hyper-specific fetish. Rick’s battles with depression and fatalistic disposition probably aren’t discouraging anyone from wanting to jump his brittle ol’ bones, either. His sadness could make him more relatable to the right crowd, and therefore easy to form an imaginary emotional connection with. From that perspective, he’s a lot less Archie Bunker and a little more Kurt Cobain.

And a lot of people wanted to have sex with Kurt Cobain back in the day. Like, I mean a lot of people.

In other Rick & Morty news, season three wrapped up a few months ago, and season four will hopefully air before The Sun finally implodes and kills us all.

via Inverse