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PSA: Everyone Can Go See ‘Get Out’ For FREE On Presidents Day

Thompson February 14, 2018 February 14th, 2018

Jordan Peele’s Get Out is a groundbreaking flick on multiple levels. It uses the horror genre as a vehicle for social commentary more effectively than anybody’s done since, jeez, maybe George Romero with Dawn of the Dead in the late ’70s? It takes the gloves off for a commentary on being black in America that’s relevant regardless of who happens to be occupying the White House. It’s one of the super rare genre movies to pull down a bunch of Oscar noms. And because it racked up at least $250 million dollars on a $4 million budget, Get Out made a shitload of money.

In fact Get Out made so much money, Peele and Universal Studios are bringing it back to theaters for a day of free screenings this upcoming Presidents’ Day, Feb. 19, five days from this posting.

And you don’t have to take our word for it! Here’s Peele himself.

It looks like these pro bono Get Outs are happening at 55 AMC locations, and tickets are available via first come, first serve basis, although this link is pretty handy to fill you in on clearer details regarding your closest free Get Out.

The extent to which I recommend this movie should not be understated. I can remember renting Clerks and Pulp Fiction on VHS when I was a teenager and becoming obsessed with film for a couple of years. Then Hollywood stopped marketing cool independent movies to my age demographic, and while I still watched movies just like anybody else, I kinda lost interest in the notion of movies as a worthwhile art form…Until I saw Get Out and Logan in the same weekend last year, and I said to myself, “Hey, this kinda reminds me of that times I rented Clerks and Pulp Fiction. Movies are a thing for me again! Whaddaya know!”

So yeah, check out Get Out, and on a related note, especially if you’re a black person, don’t date Marnie Michaels. In fact, don’t date Marnie Michaels if you’re anybody except a failed musician named Desi Halperin.

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