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There Are Probably Too Many Joker Movies In Development

Thompson June 8, 2018 June 8th, 2018

To avoid inviting any dumb fanboy arguments, it’s probably safe to say if The Joker isn’t the greatest comic book villain of all time, he’s at least in the Top 3. So you’d think he’d be able to carry his own solo film just as well as any other major, decades-old intellectual property, right?

Well, that’s kinda hard to say. There haven’t been a ton of genre movies where a sympathetic protagonist is also explicitly evil AF, and there are certainly good reasons for that. I mean, a proper Joker movie would ultimately play out more in the vein of something like A Nightmare On Elm Street, right?

Even though some of us are sitting here scratching our heads wondering how a Joker movie would work, Warner Bros. seems to think they have a good idea. Multiple good ideas, in fact. As of this week, there’s been reported progress made on not one, not two, not even three, but four Joker movies. As io9 helpfully recaps, these projects include an origin story with Martin Scorsese and Joaquin Phoenix attached, Suicide Squad 2, something or other co-featuring Harley Quinn, and a straight-up Joker movie starring Jordan Catalano himself.

Still can’t believe that guy slept with Rayanne Graff. Not like any idiot could’ve predicted that’d ruin Angela’s year or anything.

Considering how the relative financial disappointment of Justice League put the entire DCEU’s future in question, and in light of how we still don’t really trust Warners ever since they got us needlessly hyped up for a Batgirl movie, it’s very, very difficult to guess how many of these movies will ever actually see the light of day. But it’s always fun to speculate on this sort of thing.

I’m gunna say…Eh, at least two! They’ll make two Joker movies, I bet. Despite all the inherent challenges involved with making The Joker the primary character in any story, he always looks very, very cool on a T-shirt. I have no idea how much money Warners made on Suicide Squad merchandise and Joker toys and accessories and so forth in recent years, but I betcha it’s a bundle. So even a Joker film that sucks and doesn’t destroy the box office could, theoretically, make up for financial losses at Hot Topic and Spencer’s Gifts.

Or…WBers could invest the money they’re planning to spend on these movies into time travel research instead, then go back to 2007 and prevent Heath Ledger’s death.  Like, if the endgame here is really to make the best Joker movie possible, that’s the only plan that might work.


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