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Party On…Forever?! The Third ‘Bill And Ted’ Movie Finally Has A Title

Thompson October 10, 2017 October 10th, 2017

Whispers of Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan returning to the big screen have hovered in the Hollywood ether for longer than some of us have been alive.

After 1991’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey went in a more demented direction than the happy-go-lucky Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure from 1989, a trilogy-completing installment was assumed inevitable. I mean, if Jim Varney could make nine Ernest Goes To… films, surely the now wealthy and influential actor Keanu Reeves can easily bring his old persona Ted back for one more bodacious quest through time and space, right?

You betcha he can! But apparently it takes a really, really long time. Comic Book Movies reports Neo fielded an inquiry about Bill & Ted at a New York Comic Con panel promoting his new movie, Replicas. Though lacking much in the way of concrete info, Reeves did announce the working title, Bill & Ted Face The Music.

“There’s a script out there. We’re just trying to get it made. Show business is tough,” said John Wick.

“It’s a cautionary tale,” he continues. “They’re supposed to save the world. But when we see them, they haven’t saved the world, and they’re married and have kids. And they’re playing to nobody. But they have to write the song…and face the music! Hopefully we’ll make it before I’m 60.”

The fact that the third (and presumably final) Bill & Ted movie has taken so long to get rolling isn’t as surprising as the fact that it might get made at all. Reeves obviously doesn’t need the work or the money. Alex Winter isn’t as famous as his old costar, but he’s a prolific documentary director these days and probably doesn’t need the work or the money either.

The world needs Bill & Ted way more than Bill & Ted need the world, it’s safe to say.

So if the pair of fiftysomethings don’t get around to returning to the Don’t-Call-It-A-Tardis before one of them dies in 30 or 40 years, frankly, let’s all appreciate that they gave it their their best shot.

via Comic Book Movies

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