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North Korea’s Taste In Porn Has Just Been Revealed To The World

Thompson March 6, 2018 March 6th, 2018

According to University Paper, plenty of PornHub traffic emanates from the totalitarian regime.

You would think the effect of banning porn outright would be akin to putting your thumb over a hose faucet — with viewing habits blasting off in several arbitrary, scattershot directions. Instead, North Korea’s most popular PornHub searches are certainly kind of racist, but otherwise pretty tame.

“Chinese” is North Korea’s biggest go-to porno search term, with “Mongolian” coming in at a far second. “Japanese Game Show” might be the biggest eyebrow raiser on the list. Is this the result of some trendy new fetish I’m not aware of? Will it spill over into America any time soon?

‘Cos I’d strongly prefer a PornHub front page loaded with Wheel of Fortunate and/or Price Is Right-themed videos over the current fad of every performer pretending to be every other performer’s step-relative.

Again, aside from the race-based searches, there’s nothing terribly surprising about North Korea’s most viewed categories. In fact, if you showed me the same chart and told me the data came from just about any American state, I’d probably believe you.

“Most other countries we have studied tend to search for and view porn featuring their fellow citizens more than any other type,” says PornHub in a statement appearing in the UP article. “So this may support the idea that searches in North Korea are coming from foreign visitors to the country.”

At the risk of indulging in some armchair sexual psychology, I’m suggesting that when a person’s living under mono-cultural homogeneity, that person’s more inclined to view people of other backgrounds as taboo, and therefore intrinsically kinkier.

Speaking of fetishizing “others,” how much does anyone wanna bet me if Kim Jong-un’s browser history ever became public, we’d find out his favorite porno search terms include the words “Ivanka,” “Melania,” and possibly “Vladimir” on nights when he’s feeling adventurous?

via University Paper

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