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A Mysterious “King Of The Hill” Theatrical Short Has Just Been Re-Discovered!

Wyatt February 21, 2018 February 21st, 2018

This is a developing story, much of the background still remains a mystery. We are hoping more details will be released in the coming days or weeks. 

A guy by the name of Wes Archer was the supervising director of King Of The Hill, and now runs a cool animation-based instagram.

Recently he must have been rummaging around boxes from his old job, because he appears to have found a VHS copy of a seemingly lost theatrical short. The King Of The Hill video shows an alien-invaded capitol hill. Bobby has grown to an Attack On Titan size, dale is invisible, and a fuckin genie shows up. Everything then appears to turn back to normal, before the camera pulls out and we realize we’ve been sitting in movie theater.

Some are saying the short was produced for the Will Rogers Institute, but we haven’t yet found the records proving this. But we do know it was created in the year 2000, and we know who found it. We seem to have the how, and not the why.

But here’s the important thing: The clip seems to start near the end of the short, and it doesn’t play through to any end-credits. So there’s a possibility this could be much, much longer. And if that’s the case, does Wes Archer have the rest of it? Is he planning to release it?

Watch the short below, and follow the story for more developing details:

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