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McDonald’s Announces (Yet Another) Return Of Szechuan Sauce

Thompson February 22, 2018 February 22nd, 2018

As the nasty memory of the 2017 Szechuan sauce riots remains fresh in our minds, it is with cautious optimism that we note McDonald’s is making the BBQ/sweet-and-sour combo available once again. As for the specifics, it looks like they’ll be delivering 20 million cups to stores across the US on February 26th. So you know, four days from now. Save the date.

In the Rick & Morty season three premier, “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” Rick reveals that his quest to track down Szechuan McNugget dipping sauce — originally only available for a limited time in 1998 — has been his secret raison d’etre throughout the series. And because the hype was so damn strong, McDonald’s put Szechuan sauce back behind their counters for a single summer day.

Calamity — in the form of lines wrapped around city blocks, and fans going ballistic when their local franchise inevitably ran out of sauce packets — ensued. Some sauce seekers — like this guy in the below video —  might have even premeditated their ugly public meltdowns in hopes of becoming viral YouTube stars for a day.

But I dunno if we need to fret about the possibility of another mass Szechaun-related freakout. For one thing, McDonald’s appears to be producing enough Szechuan sauce to accommodate many, many more customers. Just lookit this here picture of a box of Szechuan sauce cups that appears in a Vice article. Assuming they’ve got tons of other boxes like that, that’s definitely enough to go around.

Secondly, Rick & Morty doesn’t tend to repeat itself. The Meeseeks are easily season one’s most popular secondary characters, yet haven’t shown up again since “Meeseeks and Destory.” So can we expect Rick to mention anything about his supposed Szechuan sauce obsession at any point in season four, which we might not see until 2019 anyway? It’s possible, but I doubt it.

Combine vastly increased supply with diminished hype, and we’re left with less of a possibility of riots, and a much greater possibility of something new to dip McNuggets in. So it’s a win/win, I guess?

Images via Vice