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Kanye West And Justin Roiland Plan To Spend Some Quality Time Together

Thompson May 14, 2018 May 14th, 2018

Unless you’ve never heard of the internet, you’re well aware that Kanye West has made some, um, uh…Well, let’s just call them “unconventional” statements during the last few weeks. Some of his fans are disappointed, some are worried about his mental stability, and one of them wrote a pretty amazing op-ed piece in The Atlantic.

But Kanye — inarguably one of the most important musical voices of the millennium — tweeted at least one statement that doesn’t make him sound like a lunatic. Turns out Rick and Morty is his favorite show.

And because celebrities are required by law to acknowledge each other on social media whenever the opportunity presents itself, the voice of the beloved animated duo followed up on Kanye’s praise with an invitation to chill and shoot the shit.

Some people are pointing Kanye’s stated fondness for Rick and Morty as further evidence of its toxic fandom, but honestly, I’m having trouble seeing a downside to this particular meeting of the minds.

Setting aside politics and questionable interpretations of American history, anyone who’s screaming about their liposuction and opiate addiction at the TMZ office pool is clearly in rough shape. Roiland’s tone sounds benign and welcoming, and maybe it’ll be good for Kanye’s state of mind to hang out with a friendly face he respects but isn’t also a longtime member of his social or business circles.

It also opens up the possibility of a full-on Rick and Morty/Yeezy collaboration, which could take any number of forms. Maybe it’ll lead to a “Get Schwifty” remix? A Kanye-centric Rick and Morty that won’t suck as hard as every Simpsons episode written around a celebrity guest star? Kanye West abandoning music, fashion, and reality in order to transport his consciousness into the Rick and Morty animated universe — just like James Delos on Westworld, except he’d be a cartoon instead of a robot — and become functionally immortal?

But no one man should have all that power…right?