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Jim Carrey’s Next Role Is Probably Dr. Freaking Robotnik in ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’

Thompson July 2, 2018 July 2nd, 2018

Some people go bonkers during their teenage and twentysomething years and switch into “normal” mode once they start creeping up on middle age. Then there are people like Jim Carrey, who just keep getting weirder and weirder, gob bless ‘um.

The 56-year-old was box office rocket fuel for a stint in the ’90s. But in more recent years, he’s become an amateur painter, a sorta anti-vaxxer, and a field of energy dancing for itself at New York Fashion Week. Now io9 reports he might be undertaking the most unlikely role of his career — Dr. Robotnik a.k.a. Doctor Eggman from the Sonic The Hedgehog video games and cartoons.

The Jeff Fowler-directed film adaptation is widely rumored to be a live action/CG combination, and we’re supposing they’ll have to lay the digital alterations on pretty thick if Carrey winds up playing this villain role. The onetime Ace Venture is not naturally a giant oval with unusually skinny legs and an impossible mustache.

Westworld and X-Men alumni James Marsden is already locked into play/voice Sonic, while Tika Sumpter co-stars in an as-of-yet unspecified capacity.

It’s pretty easy to point out that Hollywood’s track record with plucking source material from video games looks goddamn spotty. In the respect that both are cinematic titans playing final bosses, Carrey’s presumed casting echos Raul Julia’s unfortunate turn as M. Bison in the 1994 attempt to turn Street Fighter into a Jean-Claude Van Damme franchise. (I say unfortunate, because Julia would’ve made an excellent Bison in a better Street Fighter movie.) But considering the success of Resident Evil and Tomb Raider, ehmaybe it’s not so much that turning a video game into a movie is a bad idea; it’s that most movies of any genre are bad regardless of what licensed IPs they happen to be based around.

As a fan of Sega Genesis-era Sonic series, I mostly just hope this movie captures the spirit of the original games. So there had better be a lot of very bright colors and running. Don’t care about a plot or acting or anything like that. I just wanna see running. Just a metric fuckton of running. Also some jumping. But principally running.

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