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Home Alone Improved: Now with Blood [Video]

Selin Kilic January 9, 2017 January 9th, 2017

There’s no debate that kids movies often times have hidden adult-themed messaging within for parent’s viewing pleasure – but warm, cheery holiday classic Home Alone is pretty freaking forthright in their violent overtones. Essentially the whole movie is a child’s version of Hostile, filled with the kind of pain and torture that would surely have killed a man in real life. In fact, this is a plot twist I can get down with: maybe Kevin McCallister actually grows up to be Jigsaw.

This family-friendly movie that is played literally every year (or a version of it) on ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas was sure to get the horror makeover most Disney films get, mostly because it was so darn easy. Let’s be honest, Kevin’s little stunts could’ve landed him in the whopper for manslaughter at the very first ‘prank’ – and thus Home Alone with Blood was born. Thanks to YouTuber BitMassive, who tastefully added blood spatters to scenes, we now have the appropriate format for the film, whether or not there’s also some obscure message about Christmas and familial love as well. With some digitally inserted gore the clip really hits home like a hot iron to the face, or a shovel to the head or a…well, you get the picture. Take a look for yourself:

As of right now there are only these clips – but we’re pretty sure there will be more Home Alone renditions, with it’s franchise reaching 5 films, soon to come. Keep a lookout!

Source: AVClub

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