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Here’s Everything We’ve Learned So Far About ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

Thompson February 12, 2018 February 12th, 2018

Apparently, The Duffer Brothers are cranking out Stranger Things jams ASAP, which is a welcome development. Too much stalling, and next thing they know, their main cast will be deep into puberty. They would need a time travel subplot to explain how Dustin grew six inches taller and suddenly has a deeper voice after only three months of in-story time.

But, as far as we know, we don’t have to worry about any time travel bullshit on Stranger Things! ‘Cos it hasn’t even been four months since the second season devoured our Halloween weekend, and we’re already getting information about the series’ third installment.

TV Line reports that Stranger Things 3 returns to the eight-episode structure we saw in the inaugural season; a one-episode drop from the nine episodes of Stranger Things 2. Elsewhere, it’s been established that the show collectively decided to not kick Will Byers’s ass for a third consecutive year, which is nice to hear. Out of the five kids who first appeared at the show’s onsetWill’s currently the least well-rounded in terms of his character development, mostly ‘cos he hasn’t had space to do much except be repeatedly traumatized by science fiction monsters. If anybody needs a break from getting trapped in hostile parallel dimensions and/or possessed by its malicious inhabitants, it’s that dude.

Finally, we also know the next batch of Stranger Things takes place in 1985. So maybe we can expect Back To The Future and Goonies references, Jonathan Byers to hear his sadness articulated via the newly-released Meat Is Murder, the whole gang to order the first ever Wrestlemania on Pay Per View, Eleven to develop prescience powers and warn the crew of The Challenger about what’s going to happen on their mission next year, and a Hawkins-wide celebration of the birth of future supermodel Chrissy Teigen.

Perhaps I should emphasize the “maybe” part there, but it would be pretty rad if Eleven stopped The Challenger explosion.

via TV Line