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Groundbreaking Philosopher Jim Carrey Calls Fashion Industry ‘Meaningless’

Thompson September 12, 2017 September 12th, 2017

There’s nothing quite like an obviously prefabricated celebrity meltdown.

Over the weekend, onetime ubiquitous comedic actor and current “eccentric” millionaire with too much time on his hands Jim Carrey stopped by a Harper’s Bazaar party amid New York Fashion Week. According to THR, it was there that Carrey declared his ambivalence and contempt for New York Fashion Week and everything it stands for.

“I wanted to find the most meaningless thing I could come to and join, and here I am,” he beamed to E! reporter Catt Sadler, who handles Carrey’s smug douchery with the stoicism of a seasoned war correspondent.

Okay, I realize that when your ex-girlfriend commits suicide and her family blames you to the extent that they literally take you to court, that messes with your head. So maybe Carrey isn’t thinking clearly.

Nevertheless, he’s acting like a complete dickhead here, and I’m not buying this freakout. My gripe isn’t so much with acknowledging the vapidity and narcissism of the fashion industry. Of course the fashion industry is very vapid, and very narcissistic. In other news, water is wet, kittens are adorable, and dirt makes a poor substitute for food.

Carrey pointed out the obvious, possibly thinking the rest of us would mistake the obvious for profundity, then doubled down with some freshman year mushroom trip metaphysics. Oh jeez, are we really all just “a field of energy dancing for itself”? Enlighten us further, Professor Bong Hit.

If Shitty Riddler wants to know how to pull of a proper phony celebrity meltdown, he should call up Joaquin Phoenix and ask for pointers. When Phoenix decided to not really freak out in the late ’00s, he came out the other end with a highly underrated mockumentary I’m Still Here. Plus, he did such an amazing job pretending to ruin his career, that Casey Affleck allegedly tried to legit ruin his own career by (again, allegedly) getting crazy weird and sexually harassing the bejesus out of every woman on the I’m Still Here set. (Allegedly!).

Eh, on that note, maybe Ace Ventura should look to Phoenix as an example of what not to do.

via The Hollywood Reporter