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Genius Girl Scout Sells $1,500 Worth Of Cookies In Front Of Cannabis Store

Thompson February 9, 2018 February 26th, 2018

Civilization is in miserable shape these days, which means we’ve gotta make sure to celebrate whatever small virtues it still has remaining. Therefore, let us take special note of the noble institution of The Girl Scouts and their unending distribution of an irresistibly scrumptious variety of dessert treats.

Now and again, The Girl Scouts also do a dandy job training young minds for the future. Case and point: a cookie seller in San Diego who had the business acumen to drag a wagon full of inventory to the front of marijuana dispensary Urbn Leaf last weekend. According to her father’s testimony to a local news outlet, this elite business leader of the next generation moved more than 300 boxes within six hours.

Behold, Urbn Leaf’s Instagram post documenting the occasion…

Vice reports that the young entrepreneur experienced some minor pushback from presumably jealous adults. Evidently, girls scouts aren’t allowed to set up cookie displays without a permit, and The Girl Scouts organization is supposed to approve the location in advance. However, this particular scout was operating as a mobile seller accompanied by an adult, and she made a point to sell nearby Urbn Leaf, as opposed to directly on private property.

An outlet like Urbn Leaf can exist in California, because marijuana became officially legal in California as of the start of this year. According to Vice’s info, at least one Colorado branch of the Girl Scouts national organization strongly discourages its charges from selling cookies in front of weed stores, but each regional branch of the Girl Scouts can pretty much set their own localized rules for cookie sales.

All I’m saying is not only would nationwide legal marijuana strike a blow against the prison industrial complex while enhancing our individual sovereignty over our own lives, legal marijuana could also be a cash cow for the Girl Scouts.

Which would mean more cookies for everybody.

via Vice