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The First ‘VENOM’ Trailer Is Here: We Get Tom Hardy, But No Venom

Wyatt February 8, 2018 February 8th, 2018

The first teaser trailer for VENOM has arrived, but let’s put extra emphasis on “teaser” because throughout the entire minute and a half, Venom is no where in sight.

The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer (“Zombieland”) and focuses on Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis. It opens October 5.

The real question everyone will be wondering, is will Spider-Man make an appearance, and is this film connected to the MCU? Until recently, all rights to the web-slinger and his friends were held by Sony Pictures International. But in 2015 they struck a deal with Marvel Studios to hand over the goods, thereby allowing Spider-Man to finally come into the fold. But this is a Sony Pictures movie, and nothing in that trailer indicates that it’s connected in anyway to the MCU, so we really have no reason yet to believe that Tom Holland will appear at all.

Regardless, we haven’t seen Venom in a movie since Sam Raimi’s conclusive Spider-Man 3. And it’s probably safe to say that most weren’t particularly thrilled with that sequel (it holds 63% on RT, which is way lower than it’s 89/93 counterparts.)

With Tom Hardy in the role this time around, we have high hopes that a film focusing solely on Eddie Brock, aka Venom, will stand well on it’s own.

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