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Evil Dead Trap and the Birth of Japanese Splatter !

Lee Bridges May 19, 2017 May 19th, 2017

Bursting onto cinema screens in nineteen eighty-eight, The Gory classic Evil Dead Trap forever changed the way the Japanese film industry looked at horror films.

While extreme violence had long been a part of the Samurai and Yakuza films, Horror films in Japan for the most part were either atmospheric Ghost stories set during Feudal times or Monster movies aimed at a much younger audience.

During the nineteen eighties that began to change starting with the success of the infamous “Guinea Pig” series of short films and the soft core porn / hard core horror hybrid “Entrails of a Virgin”. The Horror audience in Japan ( more that likely inspired by the rise in popularity in gore/splatter films from the United States and Italy ) started seeking out more extreme entertainment.

Directed by the late Toshiharu Ikeda who got his start in the world of soft core porn cinema ( commonly known in Japan as “Pinky Films ), Ikeda claimed that he hated horror films and never watched them. Which is odd because Evil Dead Trap plays like a mix of Dario Argento, Sam Raimi and David Cronenberg. From the first frame the film oozes a palpable sense of Nightmare like dread that most horror filmmakers spend years trying to create.

Miyuki Ono plays Nami a local TV reporter who is investigating a series of snuff films that have been mailed to her at the station.  Convincing a small group of coworkers to help her track down where the films were shot. They eventually make their way to a huge abandoned factory just outside of town.

Once inside Nami’s friends are picked off one at a time, but not in the classic eighties slasher movie fashion. The almost Rube Goldbergesque death scenes prefigure the torture porn genre ( or Gorenography if you prefer ) by a good fifteen years.

Its not just the kills that set this film apart from others of its time period. The villain ( or Villains rather ) is defiantly one of the most original in the history of horror films. When the killer Hideki finally reveals himself, I can assure anyone watching it for the first time that you won’t see it coming.

Evil Dead Trap is one of those rare films that’s a pastiche of different styles and yet the film itself is totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

So if you’re tired of run of the mill Horror Films or you’ve never seen what the world of Japanese splatter films has to offer…then you’re in luck!

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