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Everything You Need To Know About Season 3 of Twin Peaks

Selin Kilic January 10, 2017 July 5th, 2017

Last month we were finally, FINALLY graced with a teaser trailer for the latest season of our beloved cult favorite Twin Peaks. After the exciting news officially announcing the revival in 2016, fans everywhere could slow down the dramatic roller coaster that was their wishful thinking. So sure, #TwinPeaks2016 was a bit premature, however now that all is back on track (and David Lynch is NOT leaving production) we can start the New Year off right with #TwinPeaks2017.

Without further adieu, here’s everything we know now about season 3:

Revelations from the TCA Winter Tour came with the confirmation that Showtime is premiering Season 3 on May 21, 2017 and that the resurgence is going to consist of 18 episodes.

We also know who is coming back!

Officially out from being trapped in the Lodge, the good Kyle MacLachlan is returning as FBI Agent Dale Cooper.

Lovestruck and rebellious Audrey Horne will be survived by her former self, Sherilyn Fenn. Fun fact: She was one of the first series regulars to sign on for Season 3!

Miguel Ferrer will return as *over it* FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield.

The fabulous Oscar-nominated and award winning actress Laura Dern will be involved, playing an unknown role (with fan theories circulating about such) – leave it to David Lynch to keep things très mysterious.

And speak of the devil himself, David Lynch will be returning to play FBI chief Gordon Cole, as we saw in his very police-like teaser (as aforementioned) in which he announced such by eating a donut.

In other undisclosed/secret roles,Jim Belushi and Peter Sarsgaard will also be joining the cast, along with Amanda Seyfried who will be playing a “new, pivitol” character for several episodes.

There’s also rumors that Sheryl Lee, who played THE Laura Palmer, will be returning.

For a full cast list, check out Showtime’s big reveal here: all 217 Twin Peaks actors.

Check out the behind-the-scenes, promos, and trailers while you anticipate the return of the greatest television dramas ever made.

The most exciting announcement hands down has to be the return of (Grammy-winning) composer Angelo Badalamenti who will be bringing the iconic sound back!

Source: DenofGeek