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Corey Feldman Really Went 4 It Again And We Wish He Hadn’t

Selin Kilic October 14, 2016 October 14th, 2016

Before I go in on Mouth (and yes, this is a foreshadow), I need to say that Corey Feldman is honestly someone I hold dear to my 80’s heart. This may hurt a bit, but it’s for your own good Corey, truly, I’m just trying to look out for you. As a ‘child’ (and teen) star you nailed it. Seriously, you clearly have (had?) talent — and lets not forget that you did the impossible, you killed Jason Voorhees — but sh*t what have you done to yourself now? Some damage far beyond what a serial killer at any lake could do, apparently.

No honestly, what the heck were you thinking? The Today show is not your friend! They just want to watch you crash and burn for ratings, and boy did you ever. And not just once, but twice! Twice in two months you fell prey right into the claws of viral terribleness. As if the first time (you cried about this by the way, so you should have seen this coming) wasn’t enough, Today brought you back for the second round of your re-emergence as a musician. You heard, me Corey Feldman is trying to break out as a legitimate musician.

So in case you missed it, what happened during this break-out opportunity the first time?

Donning Party city Halloween costumes his ‘angelic’ all female band backed Mouth, I mean the singer that Feldman is, while he danced in a style I literally cannot define as anything but painful. It doesn’t stop there though, because in a bizarre twist, the rock-pop song turned into a weird hip-hop freestyle. I literally cannot even put into words how strange this is. Basically his lyrics described the scenario the best with, “We’ve got nothing to loose so let’s go for it.” Watch for yourself:

Okay so ‘Go 4 It’ wasn’t a success, time to lay down the hopes of a record deal, maybe go back to partying or making horror films or something right? We can still forgive this mess if you come back to the dark side. NOPE.

Here he is with his second attempt at redemption, which is sadly just as terrifying as the first. So maybe in retrospect he is going back to the horror genre…just unintentionally…

Oh Corey, what happened? Where did we go wrong that you have turned into this lost boy, er…man? At least there is one winner that came from this huge mess, and that is that Today show’s ratings.

Source: HorrorFreakNews

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