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For Your Convenience, Here’s A Roundup of Our Favorite SDCC Trailers

Thompson July 24, 2018 July 24th, 2018

Welp, 2018’s San Diego Comic-Con is officially in the can. And from our perspective safely behind our laptop screens on the East Coast — far, far away from Johnny Depp — this year’s industry expo barely disguised as a fan summit looked like a success!

A big pile of trailers premiered, as is customary. Because we expect our readers to spend their weekends outdoors doing fun things instead of huddled in dark rooms with their eyes glued to their social media feeds like we do, we’re gonna get y’all caught up by squashing together the important trailers in this here post.

First up, we’ve got Godzilla: King Of Monsters, due May 2019. It’s a sequel to 2014’s Godzilla, which prominently featured Bryan Cranston in the trailers, then killed him off halfway through the actual movie. Due to its predecessor’s treatment of beloved television actors, we’re downright panicked over the fate of Vera Farmiga’s character. Or even, dear gawd, they wouldn’t let Godzilla squash Millie Bobby Brown…would they? 


After the fiascoes of Batman V. Superman and Justice League, hardly anybody knows WTF to do or think about the DC Extended Universe anymore. Apparently, neither does David F. Sandberg. So when tasked with directing Shazam! he did what any reasonable person would do in his position — make the most ridiculous movie he could get away with. It looks kinda neat! I donno if I give a single fuck about Aquaman, but I’ll see this if my MoviePass still works in April.



I know I said IDGAF about Aquaman, but I’m assuming quite a few of you do, especially anyone thirsty for Jason Momoa or for DCU to finally have some redemption regarding something, anything better than the aforementioned titles. So here’s the trailer to quench that thirst, i.e. Momoa running around (and swimming around) topless. Which is basically all this movie looks like it’s bringing to the table…and that’s probably fine.



Speaking of shared cinematic universes, M. Night Shyamalan’s answer to Infinity War drops in January. Even if Split was a fluke and Shyamalan’s days of directing good movies really are way behind him, it’ll be worth sitting through a Village-level snoozer just to see Sam Jackson play Mr. Glass again.



Meanwhile on television, SyFy’s Deadly Class debuts next year. As was the case with The Walking Dead, anyone who hasn’t read the comics needs to either A: Read them comics, or B: Avoid anyone who has like they’ve got a special new kind of leprosy that only effects the genital area, ‘cos we know who’s supposed to live and who’s supposed to die and we’re real bad at keeping secrets!



And just for the hell of it, here’s a Slender Man teaser that actually premiered this morning. This movie’s surrounded by bad omens, even aside from the real life violence that inspired the story. Sony’s reportedly tried to unload the thing or go directly to streaming, which does not indicate the distributor has much faith in the project. But worst case scenario, at least we know Slender Man’s got a girl with the front of her head missing, plus another girl with some spooky bullshit coming out of her mouth! Is it slender-tastic!? You be the judge….


SLENDER MAN – Announcement

He gets in your head like a virus. SLENDER MAN only in theaters August 10th. #CanYouSeeHim?

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