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Cary Fukunaga Series MANIAC Explores A Fantasy Multiverse Of The Mind [Trailer]

Katie Cannon August 6, 2018 August 6th, 2018

Netflix just dropped the trailer for its upcoming limited series MANIAC, and it’s a strange, surreal smorgasborg of CLOUD ATLAS, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, and that one episode of BLACK MIRROR with the dating simulator. But while it may owe inspiration to its near-futuristic forebears, MANIAC looks like it’s going to be very much its own thing–a thing we’ll likely binge in one weekend and then read forty-seven think pieces on.

Emma Stone and a v. skinny Jonah Hill co-star together for first time since SUPERBAD, playing two drug trial patients seeking a cure for their mental illnesses and/or emotional anguish. The mastermind behind the trials has promised that “the mind can be solved”–apparently, through some kind of alternate-reality simulation that has Stone and Hill’s characters crossing paths across eras and personas. As the timelines get more convoluted and reality gets muddled, all their various mental universes have one thing in common: they always find each other.

With True Detective and Beasts of  No Nation‘s Cary Fukanaga at the helm, I’m feeling confident that series has the potential to be visceral mind-and-soul-fuck, although I’m curious to see how he does with more sci-fi/fantasy fare.

What do you think?

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