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That ‘Browser Update’ Ad On PornHub Was Actually A Brutal Computer Virus

Thompson October 11, 2017 October 11th, 2017

When you click a video on a streaming porno site, and suddenly a pop-up ad informs you that you’re in need of a vaguely-defined operating system or browser update, that should set off a red flag in your brain. Streaming porno sites don’t care if your software is up to date, after all. That’s not what they’re here for.

But if sometime over the past year you installed just such a questionable “update” gussied up to look like PornHub recommended that you do so….erm, we’re sorry.

The Independent reports that a malware program masquerading as a benign update has been lurking on PornHub for more than a year. The site wiped it out once they noticed what it was and what it was doing, but that might’ve been too late for any users credulous enough to click the “download” button.  A cyber security firm called Proofpoint tells the source the crypto malware bomb hijacked machines for the purpose of clicking on bogus ads, and worse yet, could have ganked users’ browsing data.

“While the payload in this case is ad fraud malware, it could just as easily have been ransomware, an information stealer, or any other malware,” says a rep from the firm. “Regardless, threat actors are following the money and looking to more effective combinations of social engineering, targeting and pre-filtering to infect new victims at scale.”

And this isn’t even the only computer virus scam to prey upon PornHub and its users in recent weeks. Next Web calls attention to malicious android apps that pose as PornHub official software, only to lock up devices and demand $100 worth of bitcoin for their safe return.

As is always the case, but bears repeating, let’s be cautious out there with our smut browsing. After all, if you’ve gotta spend all your bitcoin getting your phone’s operating system back from some twisted scam artist, what are you supposed to use to buy your drugs for this week?

via The Indepdendent

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