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Ghost Mother

Nothing will stop her from protecting her kids. Not even her murder. When a woman becomes the guardian of ...

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Take Me Home

An acclaimed horror venture from Thai crime auteur Khongkiat Khomsiri. After losing his memories in an acciden...

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3 AM: Part 2

The second installment of this Thai horror anthology series melds supernatural fears with real-life terrors: u...

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3 AM

This Thai horror anthology centers on the inexplicable terrors that only happen at the deepest part of the nig...

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The Pool

In an abandoned 6-meter deep pool, a couple is stranded with a deadly predator.

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The Second Sight

Joom, a lawyer, is cursed with the ability to see not just ghosts, but karmic retribution. He knows how you'll...

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Thailand's answer to PULP FICTION, this black comedy/crime thriller follows a suicidal bank teller who wakes u...

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Train of the Dead

After their robbery goes horribly wrong, five teen delinquents hide out in a train carriage--only to find that...

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One of the top horror titles to come out of Thailand in recent memory, "Slice" plays out like a twisted mix of...