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The Tag-Along 2

A mother goes in search of her missing teenage daughter after her sudden disappearance. She is told that her d...

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Monday Morning

High-school students pull a gun on a new classmate and then blame him when a teacher is shot.

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Night Killer

A serial killer with a rubber-like Freddy Krueger mask terrifies the city of Virginia Beach.

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Blind Date

With partial sight, thanks to a computerized eye implant, the once-blind Jon becomes the sole witness of a mur...

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Terminal Exposure

Two beach combing-shutterbugs accidentally capture a murder on film. Now detectives, the boys set out to captu...

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Hit-and-Run Squad

A squad of misfit detectives are forced to play a high-octane game of cat and mouse with a psychotic business ...

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In Pursuit

An attorney is accused of murdering a powerful man after having an affair with his sultry wife.

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The Stepfather

After murdering his entire family, a man marries a widow with a teenage daughter in another town and prepares ...

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The Colditz Story

Allied prisoners - British, Dutch, French and Polish - pool their resources to plan numerous escapes from the ...

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A traumatized young writer relives disturbing experiences while in the care of a psychiatrist skilled in hypno...

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In The Cold Of The Night

An L.A. photographer’s recurring nightmares about murdering a beautiful young woman materialize in waking life...

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The husband - distracted by an affair with a young woman; the wife - sick of her husband’s debauchery; and the...