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Perdita Durango

Fiery hellcat Perdita hooks up with mystical, demonic criminal and cult practitioner Romeo who talks her into ...

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Gang Busters

Detective Lieutenant Bill Bannister is assigned to run down an unknown gang of terrorists who have spread a ne...

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Riot on 42nd Street

An ex-con battles gangsters as he prepares to reopen his 42nd Street nightclub in this 80s exploitation fave.

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A baker going through a midlife crisis chooses to settle some old debts that lead him to a bloody reckoning.

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PTU File: Death Trap

A deadly gang overtakes a hospital in this Hong Kong action thriller. A dogged female officer, a cop on the hu...

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A gambling addict's plot to steal a car to pay off his debts gets complicated when he finds a little girl in t...

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Three Hong Kong cops investigating insider trading find themselves tempted when their investigation uncovers i...

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Overheard 2

A stockbroker working with a crime syndicate is hurt in a car accident while attempting to evade a surveillanc...

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Overheard 3

The bonds between three friends are tested during the real estate boom prior to the hand-over of Hong Kong to ...

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Jaegu and Sunyeong run a struggling auto shop off a local road and their livelihood threatened by the rejectio...

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Chasing Evil

Three true paranormal stories are explored in this documentary series.

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Cock and Bull

When a small-town mechanic is made a patsy for a murder he didn't commit, his quest to prove himself innocent ...