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Killer Karaoke

In this off-beat horror-comedy, a ghost haunts a karaoke booth, preying on the people who can't sing. Flub a...

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Killer Karaoke (Dubbed)

People who can't sing get haunted by a ghost called Premika that lives in a karaoke booth.

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Devil Run

In this cult horror-comedy, a group of friends accidentally discover they're soon destined to bite the dust. O...

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Haunting Me

In this raucous horror-comedy, four katoeys running a boarding house must avenge the deaths of the young ghost...

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Fun Bar Karaoke

Enter the bizarro underworld of mobsters, karaoke, and back-alley magic in this dark crime-comedy from Thai au...

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Dead Bite

Hip hop group Gancore Club has found the perfect tropical island for their video shoot. Too bad it's infested ...