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Sin in the Suburbs

After discovering her mother is having an affair, a teenager joins an underground sex club.

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Sin You Sinners

In Joseph Sarno’s hypnotic noir Sin You Sinners, a medallion forged in a voodoo ritual preserves an exotic dan...

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Horror Express

A renowned anthropologist boards the Trans-Siberian Express with the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid th...

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Deep Red

Jazz musician Marcus Daly witnesses the brutal murder of a woman in her apartment.  As he takes on the role of...

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Blood and Black Lace

A fashion model's murder sets off a chain reaction of terror and suspicion among her coworkers, who fear what ...

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A journalist investigates an urban legend about a cursed videotape supposedly responsible for the death of sev...

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Ringu 2

One year after the success of his horror classic Ring, director Hideo Nakata returned to the world of viral vi...

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In this harrowing horror classic from cult auteur Takashi Miike, a widower decides to hold a mock audition to ...

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Odd Triangle

Allison Harvey (Barbara Lance) is a bored housewife looking for kicks in this steamy and sophisticated film fr...