About Us

Blood-soaked bikinis, demonic stalkers, evil houses bent on murder, and pure, unadulterated cheese. These are the things that fill our dark world — and yours. All this and much more can be yours to enjoy anytime you want when you visit MIDNIGHT PULP.

Do you remember with fondness the gory slasher flicks of yesteryear? Do you regularly attend midnight screenings in full costume? Then MIDNIGHT PULP is the place for you.

We encourage you to subscribe to Midnight Pulp, and share your passion with filmgoers of similarly dark persuasions. Just as you might scream in terror or throw gag props during late night screenings of your cult favorites, so you can do here — digitally.

We have become one of the country's largest distributors of American horror, cult and thriller films and TV shows. Now we are forging our very own community, and you can be a founding member.

Midnight Pulp™ is a sub-division of Digital Media Rights.