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The 20 Greatest Yugoslavian Computer Mag Babes (1980s-90s)

Selin Kilic September 20, 2017 September 20th, 2017

Surviving the actual country itself, the former Yugoslavian magazine Računari lasted from 1984 until the late 1990s – outlasting both a war and an economic crisis. While the content of the inside of ‘Computer’ magazine (the Bosnian translation of računari) was strictly a tech nerds wet dream, the cover was universally hot.

Apparently aware of the somewhat dry material of their product sector, the editors of  Računari spiced up just about every cover with a sexy lady draped over some piece of mechanized future landfill. As you’ll see, some of these get a little bizarre – but hey, all the better to sell copies from the newsstand and into your living room, right?

Here are the 20 greatest  Računari covers, in no particular order: 

“We hope this confusing bondage scene incentivizes you to purchase WordPerfect for Windows.”

“3D Studio 2.0 on fleek.”

“The computers are MY slaves, and I walk them like dogs.”

Who doesn’t like a little Salsa with their hard diskovi?

“Ignore the sex slave tumbling out of my monitor, it is a standard feature with this brand of personal computer…..”

“Quarkxpress 3.5 and chill?”

Who needs workplace harassment when you have a cool computer?

“Am I dangling this mouse by my side seductively enough?”

More computer bondage

“Yes, I’m the floppy disk dealer, how many do you want?”

The Betty Boop of computers

“Don’t mid the scientists I’m breeding on my computer chip carpet.”

She’s happily attached to her ball and chain

“A little nocturnal fun with WordPerfect is all I require.”

“This gizmo is so portable, I take it on my motorcycle.”

“Does dangling this i386 chip between my boobs make it more attractive to you?”

“You want this notebook or..?”

“Friendly reminder that this computer has more chicks than you.”

“The Hercules monitors are so strong, they can double as a chair!”

“Cyborg girls dig practicing their electric guitar moves with keyboards.”

“I am the Windows 3.1 go-go girl.”

Source: Flashbak