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13 DIY’s of Halloween #2: Murderous Mirrors

Selin Kilic October 20, 2016 July 5th, 2017

In the second rendition of the 13 DIY’s of Halloween we want to help you really reflect on why you love this spook-tacular day. Today we bring you the project “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

What do you need?

  • Any Frame (with glass)
  • This Image (or one of your choice)
  • Krylon’s Looking Glass Paint
  • Scotch Tape
  • Spray Glue (optional)
  • Spray/Mist Bottle of Water (optional)
  • Krylon Fusion Spray Paint, Black Satin (optional)

First, get yourself a bomb a$s picture frame with glass. Really any frame will do but 8″ x 10″ or larger is ideal. If your frame is smaller, NBD though, you’ll just have to resize your image or create a custom one!

This one’s nice! (Ikea $24)


Next, print out your image. There’s this Set (you will need an original and an inverse of whatever image you choose), and again, feel free to find, create or alter your own!


Once you’ve got your two images printed, remove the glass from the frame and tape the inverse image to the outside. Flip the glass, lay it down on a flat surface, and make sure the inside of the glass from the frame is looking at you, along with your creepy subject.



Then start spraying! There are a few techniques here for maximum effect. If you want to make the ‘glass’ look old and worn, spray a fine mist of water across the glass in a few places, then spray the Looking Glass paint. The water acts as a resistant to the Looking Glass Paint.

Note: Make sure you lightly spray the first layer of paint around your image. It takes several light layers to create a mirror (4-5 total).

*Don’t rush this. The first layer of paint is very transparent. Just be patient.


You can actually spray over where the image will be, just make sure it’s one very fine coat so you can still see the image clearly!

Check the directions on the can, but when everything, all layers and whatnot are dry (roughly 1 hour) toss that inverse image in the trash! You can simply put the original image on the inside, or you can use the spray glue to set it. Fit the glass back into the frame and VOILA! You have a creepy face-in-your-frame!


If you want to give that stark white frame from above (or whatever color your frame is) a spookier touch, spray it with the Black Satin Krylon paint from the list above!

Happy Haunting!

Source: Country Living , Cre8tive Compass